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Radiant Asset Management offers a range of services including property management, leasing and marketing, due diligence services on acquisitions, market research and distressed property repositioning. Before renting out your property, we will gladly provide you with recommendations regarding any changes we feel that with a minimum investment you will be able to maximize income potential and return on your investment.

Our approach to accomplishing this combines a depth of experience, reliance on the strength of our employees, a commitment to best practices and the knowledge that each asset we manage has its own unique challenges that will require a comprehensive executed plan.

At Radiant Asset Management we offer our clients a customized package of solutions; we can tailor our services to fit each client’s requirements. Due to our challenging economic times, new innovative ideas and strategies are needed. We accomplish this by accessing experts in insurance, brokerage and maintenance companies that we have established relationships with over our 20+ years in the business.

Our full service property management company can provide the service and solution to meet your investment needs thus taking the stress and hassle out of the day to day management for your rental property and making it more profitable. Our mission is to ensure that every property owner has a competent and honest professional to manage their most valuable asset. Please contact us today so that we can take the hassles out of your property management experience.


The Multifamily / Apartment Specialists

John Burpee & Associates specializes in the acquisition & disposition of Multi-family / Apartment properties in Southwest Florida. Our firms brokers and agents have listed, marketed & sold over 15,000 units, and brokered over $1.5 Billion in Total Sales over their career.

With over 25 years of experience, our continued success as a company is maintained by constant contact with institutional, private and regional investors. John Burpee ’s expertise in multifamily properties includes properties of all unit sizes that are affordable housing, LIHTC, section 8 / HUD housing, market rate, fractured condominium, and distressed communities.

John Burpee, a Pinellas native and CEO of Largo-based John Burpee & Associates, a commercial real estate sales firm, said he has far more investors than properties, but diligence pays off and investors who stick with it can find something that works for them.

We have a line of people on the waiting list, there just are not that many opportunities in a hot market like ours, where everything from office buildings to corner mom-and-prop store-fronts is snapped up soon after it hits the market. We think the fallout from the pandemic may change that picture some, and owners of commercial properties who were teetering on the edge of viability before the virus out-break may have to throw in the towel. That could increase the available inventory of properties.

While our company “dabbles in residential” we prefer the commercial properties because they are more stable and less risky. Two keys to successful commercial investing are buying quality properties and securing quality tenants the bigger the better. A large building occupied by a major player like a Target store in a long-term lease can be counted on to keep up lease payments. Owning such a large building requires a lot of investing horsepower, (though groups of smaller investors often form to make it happen), but for those of more modest means there are small storefronts and strip centers that provide good income with low risk. Doing well de-pends on quality tenants, it’s all about tenant selection, you need a business plan, a track record; we look at financial history. For an owner, particularly one new to property investing, trying to manage even a single property can be daunting.

But do it right and real estate investing offers financial rewards and a sense of security, as it has a tangible quality investors don’t get with the stock market. There are a lot of advantages to investment properties, you can get in your car and drive by and look at your asset to see how it’s doing; how is it being managed; how is it capitalized? The markets are in flux now, but we are confident the pandemic will not negatively impact those invested in commercial property and apartment buildings. While for the initial period of the pandemic the phones in his office were silent, they began ringing again recently.

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