We have relied on the full services of Radiant Asset Management for the past five years. Our apartments and office building have been handled by Sharon, Joe, and the rest of team.

The Radiant team has all the right systems in place. The sum total result of doing all the little things correctly is near 100% occupancy at near maximum revenue.

I highly recommend their services and would be happy to share my experiences.

Christopher Jones

Over the past five years, Intervest National Bank has used Radiant Asset Management’s services on a number of ORE properties, primarily apartment projects and office buildings. We have used Radiant’s services as a court appointed receiver, property manager, and sales representative. We have found their team to be competent and professional.

They are currently managing and marketing a 200,000 square foot office building for us and we plan on using their services in the future should the need arise. Without question, we would recommender them for any of the previously mentioned services.

David B. Stroyan

Vice President, Intervest National Bank

Radiant Property Management has been indispensable to the success of our multi-unit property. The Radiant team is professional and knowledgeable.

They are skilled in dealing with all sorts of tenant issues. No matter how difficult a situation may be they always show courtesy and consideration for all parties. We appreciate their service and gladly recommend them to others.

Vivian Spencer

Plumosa Park, LLC